Oni Chichi: Re-birth, Episode 1 Raw

Oni Chichi: Re-birth, Episode 1 Raw

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鬼父 Re-birth / Oni Chichi: Re-birth

小生意気なヒップホール | Konamaiki na Hip Hole

Oni Chichi: Re-birth, Episode 1 Raw

Hafu… Airi was sleeping peacefully again today, but… What do you mean by suddenly popping in and waking her up?
And he said it was thick milk squeezed in the morning and threw it out like it was hitting her throat… damn it. Huh.
Well, instead, I let her drink the milk mouth-to-mouth♪
……We had decided to go to the movies together today, but thanks to that, we were late.
I have an appointment with Sana, so I have to go quickly!
Fufu. I’ll show Sana how she’s getting along with Airi, because I’ll make her understand her position.
From what I’m saying, Sana isn’t Papa, she’s greeting Papachi Po. If she’s not let her guard down……
Well, it was fun like this…but…but…mmm, I can’t believe it.
“Hey, what is this, kuuu”
A hand that exposes Airi’s breasts and rubs them. Rugged, wild hands.
Papa’s… no, he’s sleeping next to me…
I don’t understand why, why are you rubbing Airi’s breasts?
It’s a movie theater, and everyone can see it. What is this, hey, Papa, help me…

Oni Chichi: Re-birth, Episode 1 Raw

Demon Father Re-birth, Oni Chichi: Od-rodzenie, Oni Chichi: Re-birth, Oni Chichi: Rebirth, 鬼父 Re-birth, 귀부: 리버스

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