Oni Chichi, Episode 2 Raw

Oni Chichi, Episode 2 Raw

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鬼父 / Oni Chichi

#2. はしたない清楚なレギンス | Hashitanai Seiso na Leggings | Vulgar Tidy Leggings

Oni Chichi, Episode 2 Raw

The eldest daughter of the Akizuki family, “Marina”. Airi’s older sister, Marina, is a neat and clean honor student with big breasts. She recently got a boyfriend and is very happy…
“Kousou”, a father who is not at all amused by such a beloved daughter. I would rather have my daughter taken by another man…
In the name of studying with her friends, she forcibly stopped Marina who was going to stay at her boyfriend’s house.
She is different from the usual neat and obedient daughter, Marina stares at her with surprise and hatred.
From her pretty mouth
“I-I’m different from the usual father…I hate that kind of father.”
Unlike Airi, who continued to be despised by her, Marina, who was affectionate and treated her kindly, spoke to her.
Shocked, Kouzou… makes Marina kneel, presses his ferocious cock against her cheek, gropes her tight leggings, and covers over the crying Marina…
On the other hand, in front of her boyfriend “Masato” who has been waiting for Marina without knowing what happened to her, there is a girl with long blond hair rushing up to her in a hurry…

Oni Chichi, Episode 2 Raw

Demon Father, Oni Chichi, オ二チチ, 鬼父, 귀부

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