Love 2 Quad, Episode 3 Raw

Love 2 Quad, Episode 3 Raw

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らぶ2Quad / Love 2 Quad

#3. 妹巫女痴漢・ほのか?羞じらいねだる桃尻電車 / Imouto Miko Chikan: Honoka? Hajirainedaru Momojiri Densha / Sister shrine maiden molester, Honoka?

Love 2 Quad, Episode 3 Raw

The daughter of a shrine, Honomi, was Shou’s childhood friend and caretaker. To Shou, she was like a younger sister, and they spent time together as kids. However, in preparation for the battle against D4, Honomi, who possessed talent, had to embark on the so-called training (of a sexual nature) and…
“O-Onii-san, more… Please give me more, Honomi too…”
Innocent and earnest, Honomi gradually embraced a sense of shame as she began to actively seek it herself…
After the persistent anal development, the next stage involved public exposure on the “XX Train,” guided by Honomi, aiming for maximum exposure…

Love 2 Quad, Episode 3 Raw

Love 2 Quad, らぶ2Quad, 러브 2 Quad

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