Love 2 Quad, Episode 2 Raw

Love 2 Quad, Episode 2 Raw

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らぶ2Quad / Love 2 Quad

#2. 妹巫女尻・ほのか ~拡げて弾く未開のレッスン / Imouto Miko Shiri: Honoka – Hirogete Hiku Mikai no Lesson / Younger sister shrine maiden buttocks, Honoka

Love 2 Quad, Episode 2 Raw

Childhood friend, Honoka, a caring girl who is the daughter of a shrine. She was like a younger sister to Shou and they were always together. However, in preparation for the battle against D4, Honoka, who had the talent, also decided to join the fight.
They embarked on (lewd) training.
“This is… a-amazing… Brother’s… that… oh…”
Honoka stammered shyly. Shou’s manhood stood tall and proud at the sight.
While firmly gripping his member, Honoka earnestly learned the art of masturbation.
Though her clumsy hand movements stumbled many times, her earnest figure only served to arouse Shou further.
It was unimaginable for Shou that the adorable Honoka would end up seeing him, pants discarded, engaging in self-pleasure on his bed…

Love 2 Quad, Episode 2 Raw

Love 2 Quad, らぶ2Quad, 러브 2 Quad

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