Ikkyuu Nyuukon, Episode 4 English Subbed

Ikkyuu Nyuukon, Episode 4 English Subbed

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一求乳魂 / Ikkyuu Nyuukon

#4. 番外編 LOVE CHEERING / Secret study / Bangai Hen: Love Cheering / Secret Study / Extra Chapter: Love Cheering / Secret Study

Ikkyuu Nyuukon, Episode 4 English Subbed

■ “Love Cheering”
In the regional finals, with the chance to go to the national tournament on the line, the soccer team manager, Eri Shinotsuka, cheers in vain as her team loses. She goes home with her junior team member, Toshiya, who is feeling down after the game. When they arrive at Eri’s house and find no one home, she invites Toshiya inside. He asks for a reward for trying his best in the game, and Eri promises to give him her breasts as a reward.

■ “Secret Study”
After finishing their tests, Nozomi and her senior who promised to go to the beach together, go to a shop to choose their swimsuits. Her senior surprises her by picking out a micro-bikini as a reward for their hard work. They leave the shop and make an excuse to go to a karaoke box. Nozomi tries on the swimsuit her senior gave her earlier at her request. The swimsuit is tight and shows off her curvy body, making her feel embarrassed but also bold at the same time.

Ikkyuu Nyuukon, Episode 4 English Subbed

一求乳魂, Ikkyuu Nyuukon, Only My Oppai Soul, 오직 내 가슴의 영혼, Kondou Takashi

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