Harem Camp!, Episode 2 Raw

Harem Camp!, Episode 2 Raw

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ハーレムきゃんぷっ! / Harem Camp!

#2. 混浴秘湯で楽しみませんか? / Konyoku Hitou De Tanoshimi Masenka ?/ Would you like to enjoy the mixed bathing secluded hot spring?

Harem Camp!

Kenosuke, driven by ulterior motives, deceitfully tells Haruki and his group a false destination while searching for a secret hot spring. However, this scheme was seen through by Aioi alone.
Trying to get a step ahead and sneak a peek at the hot spring, Kenosuke somehow finds himself with only a bath towel, alone with Aioi, engaging in an unexpected intimate encounter!
Feeling uncomfortable, Kenosuke attempts to flee the bathing area. However, Aioi holds him back and suggests giving him a back rub…

Harem Camp!, Episode 2 Raw

Harem Camp!, ハーレムきゃんぷっ!

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