Enjo Kouhai, Episode 8 English Subbed

Enjo Kouhai, Episode 8 English Subbed

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#8. 話 夜遊びざかりの不良な彼女は竜の長 / Hanashi Yoasobizakari No Furyouna Kanojo Ha Ryuu No Naga  / A delinquent girl who is in the middle of a night out is the head of a dragon

Enjo Kouhai, Episode 8 PV

Arks Academy, selected as a model case for a school with different races, has recently been worried about the absence of Ursula and the teacher found out that her location was the nightlife district. Ursula, who is fully dressed in her school uniform in the night market, is tempting even the teacher who tries to bring her back to school. Ursula whispers to him as he is immersed in irresistible pleasure from her intense torment and intense exchange with his transformed body. “Forget everything and become mine”. Her voluptuous body satisfies a man’s lust, and her seductive invitation makes him forget his resistance. He wavers between his desires as a man and his reason as a teacher, what kind of future does he want? And what is Ursula’s true heart as the princess of the dragon tribe? The dragon tribe Ursula’s beautiful breasts, which shake on her dark soft skin. How many seconds can your XX withstand her final weapon, which has become huge breasts + beautiful breasts, as her body expands?

Enjo Kouhai, Episode 8 English Subbed

** Kouhai, ○○交配, ○○교배, Assisted Mating, Crossbreeding Assistance, Enjo Kouhai, 援助交配, 원조교배

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