Amakano, Episode 4 English Subbed

Amakano, Episode 4 English Subbed

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アマカノ /  Amakano

#4. 特別編 | Tokubetsu Hen | Special Chapter

Amakano, Episode 4 Raw

The protagonist moved to a snowy region to help with clearing snow at their grandparents’ house. There, they met a special girl – a serious and graceful classmate. She’s the daughter of a shrine and embodies the idealized image of a Yamato Nadeshiko combined with that of a miko (shrine maiden) – Sayuki Takayashiro.
There’s also the affable, popular senior with an enigmatic vibe – Sei Kamibayashi, who despite his odd eyes and mysterious aura, has a mischievous side. And then, there’s the cheerful and always energetic underclassman – Koharu Hoshikawa, who approaches those she believes in with unwavering trust, just like a loyal puppy.
These three individuals each bring their unique stories to the table.

Amakano, Episode 4 English Subbed

アマカノ, Amakano, 아마카노

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