Amakano, Episode 3 Raw

Amakano, Episode 3 Raw

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アマカノ/  Amakano

#3. 高社紗雪編 | Takayashiro Sayuki Hen | Takayashiro Sayuki Chapter

Amakano, Episode 3 Raw

The protagonist moved to a snowy region to help with clearing snow at their grandparents’ house. There, they met a special girl. Her name is Sayuki Takayashiro, and she is a classmate of the protagonist. Sayuki is known as the “Shrine Princess” among her peers due to her serious and graceful personality as well as being the daughter of a prestigious shrine. She receives special treatment because of this and is addressed as such.

However, she was concerned that she couldn’t communicate with others in a normal way because of this special treatment. In the midst of this, the protagonist continued to treat her simply as a regular girl named “Sayuki.” It was because of this that Sayuki became drawn to the protagonist. And as the protagonist continued to interact with Sayuki as an ordinary classmate, she too became a special presence in a different way.

Amakano, Episode 2 Raw

アマカノ, Amakano, 아마카노

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