Allargando The Animation – アラルガンド The Animation (English SUB)


Allargando The Animation – アラルガンド The Animation

Allargando The Animation, Episode 1 English Subbed

Yuuki ‘s mouth bastards of the Yuuki again … “Arargand” turns into a long – awaited animation!

· A
student who attends “bookmark”, a maid reflex, Mr. Koi Isu has nominated a maid clerk / An every time, and always receives service more than normal course for some reason.
That service is gradually becoming extreme, but in the shop it is a real NG so foreplay ….
One day, Koi Isui was invited to his home in Canojo and eventually developed into a play that crossed the line.

Do you have a body of Koi Ide who is often caught in numerous rogue transformation play by female college student Ann?

· “Level C” In the
academy, groups formed by ranking with nature, academic ability and appearance level are formed.
Nozaki belongs to the lowest “Level C” of a mindless man.
Aoyagi of the student vice chairman who is cute “Level S” is a popular group of school who talks with anyone without concern for level classification.
She is prompted to buy a certain DVD from her, and Nogasaki accepts it as it is told.

When I went back home, I watched the contents, it was a self-recorded picture that Aoyagi was a man’s flesh stick and was disarrayed mad.
From that day on, Nozaki will be fascinated by the incense of canojo who can never escape … ….


Date: February 1, 2017