After Class Lesson, Episode 2 English Subbed


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    After Class Lesson,, Episode 2 English Subbed

    A violently shaking breast of a lady pushed up! !

    Akira Mizuno who was said to be an idol of the school has now become Ryuji ‘s favorite toy, and has continued to train her female students for whatever they want to do. One day, Ryuji who knew the horrible secret of rei Hikawa (second grader, tennis club) who is one of the most lovely school girls in her school, attracted the trained girl student and sweated with tennis Rei Hikawa I headed. Ryuji encroached Hikawa Rei with sex slaves, a selfish lady got soiled, excited about the humiliation of being humiliated! What? The second release of popular demon store animation “After school” set at the academy is finally released! !


    Date: January 23, 2017